F-Zero RetroActive Review

F-Zero Picture


Original Release Date: 1990

Racing games are not a genre that I particularly care for. There’s nothing wrong with them, and they can be fun, but it’s not the type of game that I find that engaging or interesting.

But, seeing as I am going through the SNES library, I could hardly overlook F-Zero, as it’s considered one of the pioneers of the genre. While it may have been impressive for its time, how well does it actually hold up?

Overall, the game is fine. The tracks are well designed, racing is fun, and it is generally fair with its difficulty. However, it does show its age when it comes to the graphics and the limited content. It may have been impressive for the 90s, but by modern standards it’s nothing special.

But I must admit I don’t have much frame of reference, as I don’t really play that many racing games, and while it is a bit dated, there’s nothing really wrong with F-Zero. As far as racing games go, F-Zero is quite good, and for as old as it is, it holds up decently well. Whether it’s worth checking out depends on whether you like racing games. If you do, then you absolutely should have a look at F-Zero. If you don’t, then you’re probably better off skipping this particular title.

How well it holds up       3/4

Personal Enjoyment       3/5

Overall quality                7/10

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