Super Smash Bros RetroActive Review

Super Smash Bros pic1

Original Release Date: 1999

The Super Smash Bros series has left quite a mark on the industry. A combination between a solid fighting game and the ultimate crossover of Nintendo characters (as well as some non Nintendo characters), the SSB series has had 4 games released at the time of writing. Each has been a major success, but perhaps the most overlooked entry is the very first one in 1999. How well does it hold up when compared with more recent entries in the series?

On its own, Super Smash Bros is a decent enough game. Unfortunately, it’s undermined by the fact that every game in the series that has come out since has been much better. For example, in Melee the combat is refined, the graphics are a clear step up from the N64, and there is a lot more content. This also holds true for Brawl and SSB4.

Super Smash Bros is not a bad game, but it is undermined in hindsight by the fact that its successors are so much better in every way. The gameplay isn’t as polished, the graphics are dated, and there’s not very much to do in the game, especially if you’re playing by yourself.

I know this review is rather short, but there’s really not much to say about this game. For someone looking to get into the Super Smash Bros series, Melee is a pretty good place to start. The original will really only appeal to people interested in the history of the medium.

How well it holds up           3/4

Personal Enjoyment           3/5

Overall quality                      7/10

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