Super Punch-Out RetroActive Review

Super Punch Out pic

Super Punch-Out

Original Release Date: 1994

Some SNES sequels to NES titles have been outstanding. Others, not so much. Punch Out was an excellent game for the 8 bit console, but how well does its 16 bit successor measure up?

Overall, Super Punch-Out maintains the same elements that made the original so fun and engaging. The controls are satisfying, the fights memorable, and the added graphical enhancements that the SNES allows for are a welcome change.

However, it doesn’t quite have the same charm as the original, and doesn’t go as far as it could have in terms of elevating the formula. While this game was good, I find that I prefer the original a bit more.

Still, in terms of overall quality, Super Punch-Out is about on par with the original, and is worth checking out.

How well it holds up        4/4

Personal enjoyment        3/5

Overall quality                 8/10


For further information about the game:!!!!_(SNES)

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